Jury 2017

  • Aldo Pacheco
    Aldo Pacheco

    Nascido no Peru em 1968, estudou Engenharia Eletrónica. Pacheco sempre se quis expressar de uma forma artística. Além de ser um Iphoneographer, é também joalheiro profissional, escritor entusiasta, músico e ceramista. Reside no Canadá desde 2006 e em 2010 foi fundador do grupo NEM passando a curador de 3 grupos experimentais de fotografia mobile. Dos seus projetos mobile destcam-se: "Cadavre Exquis Artwork" apresentado em ações de fotografia NEM, "Pixels", entre outros. Pré júri para o NEM FIPA e júri para o NEM IHUH. Participou em vários concursos internacionais de fotografia mobile, onde recebeu menções honrosas nos MPA, FIPA, IHUH, MIRA MOBILE PRIZE, etc. Expôs no Porto, Paris, Los Angeles e Florença.

  • Andrea Bigiarini
    Andrea Bigiarini

    Andrea Bigiarini lives in Florence, Italy, where he was born in 1956. Fascinated since boyhood by painting, graphic design, music and photography, in 2012 Andrea founded The New Era Museum, the first museum devoted to mobile photography as a tool for the improvement of reality and the building of a new era. He’s also the founder and the President of FIPA - Florence International Photography Awards. His last project is Impossible HumansHe’s the curator of various photo-gallery such as Impossible Humans at The Most Wanted Visionaries Catalog. https://www.andreabigiarini.com

  • Cadu Lemos
    Cadu Lemos

    Cadu Lemos is a visual artist and photographer, standing out in ​​photography with mobile devices. He founded mObgraphia Cultura Visual, a producer of photography and video events in 2013, and later, the Latin American Festival of Mobgrafia and the mOb Film Festival, both related to photography and videos captured and edited on mobile devices, called Mobography in Brazil. The photographer has published two photography books, one dedicated to Paris and the other to mobile photography. He also uses photography as a means of integration in his work as a consultant of high performance teams and producer of cultural events.

  • Gina Costa
    Gina Costa

    Gina Costa is a photographic artist, independent curator, and museum professional. Her photographs are featured in private collections across the United States and Europe, including the oldest and most prestigious archive of photography, The Alinari Archive, Firenze, Italia. She is a 2019 and 2018 recipient of the Julia Margaret Cameron award. Costa has graduate degrees in Art History from the University of Chicago. She has worked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago; She has taught art history at The University of Notre Dame and The University of Rochester, New York. Costa has written for numerous publications including Art Narratives, Collezione Maramotti, and the Catalogue for Fotografia Europa.

  • Joanne Carter
    Joanne Carter

    Created by Joanne Carter a professional Journalist and Photographer, TheAppWhisperer is the most popular and trusted mobile photography and art website in the world. With a team of over twenty editors, TheAppWhisperer has built a global reputation, recognising and curating the very best mobile photography and art in the industry. TheAppWhisperer has become a tool of reference for many of the imaging industry’s press, manufacturers and photography magazines and specialist websites. It represents the pinnacle of mobile photography and art and continues to grow at an extraordinary rate, every single day. www.theappwhisperer.com

  • José Miguel
    José Miguel

    José Miguel is a new media designer and professional based in Lisbon, and publisher of the photography magazine Eyesight. He is followed by more than 50,000 people on the Instagram. In 2016 was included on the Prize of Creativity shortlist by the Festival of Cannes and Instagram, where he exhibited. He has recently given workshops and lectures on mobile photography, editing and social networking.

  • Lee Atwell
    Lee Atwell

    Lee Atwell is passionate about art, science and the magic of photography since childhood. She has already received numerous international awards for mobile photography and has been published on different platforms. Her photographs were exhibited in different cities on the United States, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Hungary and Italy.  

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    Michael Jones is a photographer based in Berlin but originally from the UK. He leads the . EyeEm who oversees the blog and social media. Prior to this, for several years, the photographer was also responsible for the content eBay. He is constantly on the lookout for new talent to promote and helping photographers to take their art further, via getting their work shown at exhibitions or selling via EyeEm Market.