© Agnieszka Żyrek

Terms and Conditions

1. Theme

Each candidate may submit a TOTAL of 3 (THREE) black and white photographs of street photography.

2. Recipients

  • All authors who use the photograph can apply are over more than 15 years.

3. Terms and Conditions

  • Candidates must submit up to three (3) black and white photographs
  • Works whose copyright does not belong in full and without exception to the participant cannot be presented.
  • The deadline for submissions is 23:59 on 21 July 2022
  • The application is free, no costs involved.
  • To support the exhibition costs (printing, framing, mounting and communication) will be asked to each finalist the rate of 32 euros (36 USD)

4. Image SpecifiCations

  • All the photographs must be taken and edited with mobile devices (tablets, smartphones or phones by any operating system)
  • Photographs may only be edited using software available on a mobile device;
  • It will be only considered submissions that have been sent digitally, in a single e-mail (up to three photographs) to emaildomiraforum@gmail.com
  • Only photographs attached in the mail will be considered
  • Only images with the following requirements will be evaluated:
    • Format: jpeg
    • Minimum dimension: 720 pixels on the longest side
    • File Size: larger than 100kb and smaller than 7MB
  • It will not be accepted images with the following requests:
    • Images that are embedded on the e-mail
    • Images with boarders, frames and watermarks
  • The images selected for the exhibition will be later sent with at least 1000 pixels on the longest side
  • Caption each file with the author’s name(s), followed by a dash and image number.
    example: JoséSilva_01; JoséSilva_02; JoséSilva_03
  • Use only alpha numeric characters (Don’t use: .:’”/?}{()[ ]+-=*&^ %$#@!.)
  • In some cases, participants may be asked to send in the original photograph, so as to ascertain that it was indeed taken and edited on a mobile device
  • After applying for the contest, each participant will receive an email confirming their submission. As it is a manual process, we ask that you wait for confirmation.
  • The organization does not take responsibility for any traffic issues that may cause this website to be offline
  • The submissions won’t be returned. Only the winner images will be saved for publicity
  • The MIRA Mobile Prize 2022 is not responsible for the loss or failure of any submission

5. Jury

  • The final jury is composed of 5 elements. In a first phase, a pre-selection of the 50 works will be carried out; from these, the winner will be selected.
  • The jury’s verdict cannot be contested.

6. Image Use

  • All rights to the image belong to the participant. Any image used by the MIRA Mobile Prize 2022 will be identified by copyright. All the images can be used in publications and publicity regarding the award.

7. Disclosure of Finalists

  • The 50 selected works and the winner will be announced in August 2022 on the website www.miramobileprize.com

8. Prize

The winner’s prize is:

  1. A two way flight from an european capital to Porto
  2. Lodging for 5 nights, 6 days in MIRA FORUM
  3. If the winner is Portuguese, he/she may opt for a stay of 5 nights and 6 days in Companhia das Culturas in Castro Marim, Algarve

9. Exhibition and Publication

  • The opening of MIRA Mobile Prize 2022 will take place at Galeria MIRA FORUM on September 3, 2022, at 4pm. The photographs chosen by the jury as finalists will be printed and exhibited; the top 150 will be projected at the exhibition.
  • Alongside the exhibition, a book will be published with the 50 images that make up the shortlist, as well as the 150 best-rated photographs.