Publicação 2022

Being Human

The 13th edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize proposed to the participants a photo competition in six categories: Land­scape, Portrait, Minimal, Architecture, Daily Life and Digital Art.

We received applications from all over the world addres-

sing the themes from very different perspectives. We are very grateful to the members of the jury who had the diffi­cult task of selecting the best photographs: Andrea Bigia­rini (Italy), Giulia Baita (Italy), Gina Costa (USA), Joanne Carter (UK) and Manuel Roberto (Portugal)!

As in previous editions, the human dimension permeates all images regardless of category. This presence is empha­sized by the times we live in: the pandemic has brought us the awareness that we all belong to the same species affected by a lethal virus. Economic and social conditions dictated different ways of facing the disease, but the con­tagion does not distinguish bodies.

The war we are going through, at the time of this edition, brings us suffering and pain from an irrational struggle against life.

It is the human who subscribes to war and yearn for peace. At a time when so many disquieting questions arise, it is a privilege to disclose and publish this manifesto of human­ity and beauty.

This edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize is dedicated to Jo Sullivan, who has sadly left us.


Manuela Matos Monteiro