Júri 2022

Andrea Bigiarini

Andrea Bigiarini lives in Florence, Italy, where she was born in 1956. Since childhood he has developed a fascination with painting, graphic design, music and photography. In 2012 he founded The New Era Museum, the first museum dedicated to mobile photography, as a tool for perfecting reality and building a new era. He is also founder and president of FIPAFlorence International Photography Awards. His latest project is called Impossible Humans. In addition, Bigiarini is curator at several photo galleries such as Impossible Humans and The Most Wanted Visionaries Catalog. https://www.andreabigiarini.com

Gina Costa

Gina Costa is a photographer, independent curator and museography professional. His photographs are in private collections in the United States and Europe, including the oldest and most prestigious archive of photography, The Alinari Archive, Firenze, Italy. She was awarded the Julia Margaret Cameron Award in 2019 and 2018. Costa holds a degree in Art History from the University of Chicago. He worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Art Institute of Chicago; he taught Art History at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Rochester, New York. Costa has written for numerous publications, including Art Narratives, Collezione Maramotti and the Europe Photography Catalogue.

Giulia Baita

Giulia Baita lives on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called Sardinia. Graduated in Contemporary Art History and is passionate about painting and drawing. She is a teacher of Italian and History at an Art School. She has participated in several competitions and exhibitions, such as mira mobile prize, light impressions, the mobile art academy, momo festival, international mobile film festival, women’s mobile filmfestival, los angels film festival. He founded MAG MobileArtGroup on Facebook and mag’s Instagram page. MAG aims to stimulate and promote mobile art as a new form of contemporary art. He organized three exhibitions with mobile artists from around the world to promote mobile art. In December 2018 he produced his first exhibition called “Children of the Digital Age”. He also organized the exhibitions “The Beauty of Myth” and “All the colors of the world”.

Joanne Carter

Created by Joanne Carter, a journalist and professional photographer, TheAppWhisperer is the most popular mobile photography site in the world. With a team of more than twenty editors, TheAppWhisperer has built a global reputation by recognizing and selecting the best of mobile photography. TheAppWhisperer has become the reference for the art press, manufacturers, photography magazines and specialized websites. It represents the pinnacle of photography and mobile art and continues to grow at an extraordinary rate every day. www.theappwhisperer.com

Manuel Roberto

Born in Mozambique in 1965. He began his career in 1985, as a photographer for the school publishing house, INDE, and permanent collaborator in the Mozambican weekly Domingo. In Portugal, he worked at Jornal de Notícias and O Primeiro de Janeiro, before joining the Público newspaper in 1994, where he remains as a photojournalist and serves as editor of the photograph. He has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions. Gazeta Multimédia Award (2013) with the work “Sons of the Wind”; Press Gazette Award (2014) with the work “The War that Portugal wanted to forget”. For a year he designed with journalist Mariana Correia Pinto, a mosaic of their city, in interviews and portraits, with two hundred citizens – his Porto Olhos no Olhos.