Giulia as well


Giulia Baita lives on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean called Sardinia. She has a degree in History of Contemporary Art and is passionate about painting and drawing. She is an Italian and History teacher at an Art School. She has participated in several competitions and exhibitions, such as the MIRA Mobile Prize, Light Impressions, The Mobile Art Academy, MoMo Festival, International Mobile Film Festival, Women’s Mobile FilmFestival, Los Angels Film Festival. She founded the MAG MobileArtGroup on Facebook and the MAG page on Instagram. MAG intends to stimulate and promote mobile art as a new form of contemporary art. Organized three exhibitions with mobile artists from all over the world in order to promote mobile art. In December 2018 she produced her first exhibition called “Children of the digital age”. It also organized the exhibitions “The Beauty of Myth” and “All the colors of the world”.