Publicação 2019

MIRA Mobile Prize 2019

With the desire to know the World – first Philosophy and then Science – there was always the temptation to organize it into categories with the illusion of understanding it better. Guided by the desire for rationality, it seemed that dividing, separating, classifying, somehow segregating territories, everything would be more intelligible. However, the complexity of the real has been betraying and informing against this ambition.
With the proper distances we would say that metaphorically the photographs into the contest in the different categories, rebelled against the division and created more fluid categories. The eye has difficulty in knowing boundaries beyond those that depend on the subjectivity of the photographer and, therefore, after seeing so many images we were left with the feeling that in all is present a great theme: the human. The human present in the reality that is always a constrution, present in the capture of the instant, the vulnerable, the transitory, the perishable, the ephemeral. At a time when so many disturbing questions arise, it has been a privilege to contact this manifesto of humanity.

Manuela Matos Monteiro