Publicação 2018

MIRA Mobile Prize 2018

The 5th edition of MIRA Mobile Prize suggested 6 categories: architecture, portrait, landscape, everyday life, minimal and digital art. We have received more than 5000 photographs from all over the world which made our jury’s task very difficult. We are very grateful to the members of the jury: Amílcar Correia, Andrea Bigiarini, Cadu Lemos, Gina Costa, Giulia Baita and Joanne Carter.
The winner of the contest was Aylin Argun, from Turkey, the best ranked Portuguese was Fábio Peixoto and Gianluca Ricoveri was awarded 1st place in the Landscape category.
Galery MIRA FORUM organized an exhibition that opened on june 16th and lasted until july 28th and was visited by hundreds of people. The exhibition included the 50 finalists and the 150 best classified photographs were projected.