Publicação 2017

Earth: our planet

What does it mean to inhabit the Earth?
What world is this?
What are we doing here?

These are the issues that worry us and that make us think about how humans treat the planet they live on. The proposals of thousands of mobile photographs that applied for the MIRA Mobile Prize reflect the positive and negative aspects of the way we live in the world.

Originally from five continents, the photographs in the contest are real manifestos that in different ways alert us to the critical period in which we live in. Planet Earth, our house, is in danger. Urban congestion, the devastating effects of exploitation of natural resources, waste, toxic waste, soil degradation and desertification, pollution, etc. By contrast, poetic images show us the harmony of beautiful landscapes, the harmony of living among human beings and the environment that we inhabit. In the vertigo of human progress we do not want these images to be the only memories of a lost world.

The 4th edition of MIRA Mobile Prize is dedicated to Carolyn Hall Young, a great artist of mobile photography, and an extraordinary human being who left us too soon.