Jury 2014

  • Andrea Bigiarini
    Andrea Bigiarini

    Andrea Bigiarini lives in Florence, Italy, where he was born in 1956. Fascinated since boyhood by painting, graphic design, music and photography, in 2012 Andrea founded The New Era Museum, the first museum devoted to mobile photography as a tool for the improvement of reality and the building of a new era. He’s also the founder and the President of FIPA - Florence International Photography Awards. His last project is Impossible HumansHe’s the curator of various photo-gallery such as Impossible Humans and The Most Wanted Visionaries Catalog.

  • Brett Chenoweth
    Brett Chenoweth

    Chenoweth is an artist who has worked and exhibited nationally for over twenty years. Got a B.F.A. in Photography with minor em história de arte da Washington University em St.Louis em 1986 e um B.F.A. em pintura do Kansas City Art Institute em 1989. Brett também possui um diploma de mestrado de estudos interdisciplinares em literatura, escrita criativa, arte, filosofia e teologia da St. Johns and Goddard College em Plainfield, Vt., recebido em 1999. Tem trabalhado como professor de desenho e pintura em Kansas City, Vermont e Maine. De momento, Chenoweth considera a fotografia por dispositivos móveis a sua ferramenta principal. O iPad permite-lhe misturar facilmente desenho, pintura e fotografia, destruindo assim as barreiras entre esses meios.

  • Cédric Blanchon
    Cédric Blanchon

    Cedric Blanchon was born in France. With only two years of career has already won the Mobile Photography Awards of the 2013 edition as Mobile Master 2 and has presented his work in numerous exhibitions. Cedric Blanchon likes surrealism, black humor and street photography.

  • Eloise Capet
    Eloise Capet

    Capet shoots with mobile devices and leads Mobag Paris, the first non-governmental organization to promote this type of photography in France. Since July 2011, Capet has been shooting exclusively in black and white with her Smartphone. She shoots, edits and publishes images every day. She is the winner of Ax3, Mobile Photography Awards and Mobile Masters.

  • Emanuel Faria
    Emanuel Faria

    Faria is stimulated by different cultures. Through the possibilities of the iPhone, he rediscovers his position as an artist. He is a board member and founding artist of the New Era Museum. Acquired several prizes from 2012, the year in which bets on the development of images captured by his mobile phone. Faria exhibited in New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Prague, Vermont, Lisbon, Verona and Silicon Valley.

  • Gina Costa
    Gina Costa

    Gina Costa is a museum professional, independent curator and art historian. She has worked for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; for the Art Institute of Chicago and for the Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester NY, and also taught Art History at multiple universities. As a photographer, what attracts her to smartphones is the spontaneity, the instantaneity and the democratization that they enable.

  • Joanne Carter
    Joanne Carter

    Joanne Carter is the founder and editorial director of The App Whisperer, A platform dedicated to photography mobile. It is a professional photographer and member of British Industry of Professional Photographers (BIPP) and journalist specializing in technology. Contributes to national and international publications including DPreview.com, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Professional Photographer, NikonPro, among others. It is a journalist at BBC Broadcasting House and now columnist for Vogue Italy.

  • Karen Divine
    Karen Divine

    Karen Divine's first introduction to photography was in the early 1970's; From there, she studied painting, drawing and alternative photographic processes. After learning Photoshop in 2001 she began to create the images she imagined using photographs as a palette. Over the past three years she has transferred this process to the iPhone. Learning to create a beautiful image in and of itself is essential for a fine art photographer, but what excites Divine is the multi-images.

  • MaryJane Sarvis
    MaryJane Sarvis

    Sarvis holds a degree from Bennington College, specializing in painting, engraving and ceramics. Her work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious art collections in the US and around the world. She has been covered by the magazine Ornament Magazine and, throughout her 25-year career, has been involved in various shows and exhibitions. Sarvis is notorious for her knowledge and control of color. In 2010, Sarvis discovered the IOS photography and editing system through an iPhone. She has acted as guest lecturer and teacher in both fields, as well as exhibiting in various galleries and arts centers.

  • Nettie Edwards
    Nettie Edwards

    Edwads received the Mobile Photographer of the Year award at the 2008 American Aperture Awards 2013; was the winner in the Fine Arts category at the fourth edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Photo Awards and, in 2012, was a finalist for the Lumen Prize. Edwards has already exhibited her work in the United Kingdom, France, USA, Australia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Shanghai and Hong Kong. It was published, among others, by: European Photography; Black and White Photography (UK); Journal of the Royal Photographic Society, New York Times Lens Blog, Mobile Masters. & 2 and The Art Of iPhone Photography.