1. What devices can entries be taken on?

We only accept photos taken and edited on mobile devices: smartphones (android and IOS), mobile phones and tablets.

2. Can i use my computer to edit my photographs?

No, any image editing done via desktop or laptop computer is prohibited. You may only use these devices to compress the file size of the images, to change their title and to upload them.

3. Can i use image-editing applications from my mobile device to edit the photographs?

Yes. You may use any app, or combination of apps, to edit your photo.

4. How is the application to MIRA Mobile Prize 2018?

You must send a single e-mail at most three photos for emaildomiraforum@gmail.com. Only photos sent as an attachment in e-mail are accepted. the photos that are part of the e-mail body are not considered. You need caption files with the first and last author's name, category and number. Place between the names and number one underscore. Example for “José Silva” = Manuela_Monteiro_Retrato_01; Manuela_Monteiro_Paisagem_02 etc. They do not accept photos with signatures, watermarks or frames.

5. How much do i have to pay to take part in the contest?

There is no fee for entering the contest.

To support the exhibition costs (printing, framing, production and communication), each finalist will be asked to charge a fee of 30 euros (33 USD).

6. What is the prize?

The MIRA Mobile Prize 2018 winner of the prize is a trip (round trip) from one of the European capitals to Porto (PT) including accommodation for 6 days. The best photo of the Portuguese authors classified earn a trip to the Picos de Europa ((Fotoadrenalina program).

7. How the winner is chosen?

An accredited jury of 5 members select 50 photographs that constitute the finalists. This group is selected the winner. All photos finalists will participate in a collective exhibition taking place at the MIRA FORUM gallery in June and July. The inauguration will take place on June 16, 2018 at 16:00.

8. How many pictures may refer to the MIRA Mobile Prize 2018?

Each person may submit up to three photographs related to the theme.

9. Must all my entries be submitted simultaneously?

Yes. The application must be submitted in a single e-mail until 23:59 on May 5, 2018.

10. How do I know my entry has been successfully submitted?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

12. Can i submit my entry via mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop computer?


13. Do i keep the rights to my photographs after i've entered them in the contest?

Yes. MIRA Mobile Prize respects copyright: this goes for the exhibition and for the use of images in any promotional material for the contest and for the MIRA FORUM.

14. When will the shortlist be announced? And the winner?

The shortlist and winner will be announced on the website www.miramobileprize.com on May 26, 2018.

15. Are there any geographic limitations to who may enter?

The MIRA Mobile Prize is open to photographers and artists from around the world.

16. As any questions about the MIRA Mobile Prize 2018?

For any questions contact us by e-mail emaildomiraforum@gmail.com